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5 COOLEST breeds of dog in the WORLD

1: Saluki

The Saluki ( also known as the Persian Greyhound) is a slim 🐶, which looks cool anywhere. It typically has a diet on meat. As this dog is a Sighthound, it sets it apart from other dogs as it hunts for food with its nose 👃 rather than its 👀.

2: Bedlington Terrier

If you want to be sleeping next to your dog regularly, then this is the best dog for you. At first glance, you can’t even tell it apart from a lamb 🐑. This dog likes to be in the centre of attention, and typically lives on a diet of meat.

3. Norwegian Lundehund.

This dog gets a special mention in this blog post for having 6 toes. Also, this dog is so flexible, it can stretch its legs back in both directions. Also, this dog blends in a lot with a

or a fox, depending what angle you look at it from. This dog has a diet of meat.


Its pretty obvious why the Komondor deserves a place in this blog. This dog has so much hair! This dog likes eating raw food.

Now, Before we get to the most unique dog, take a moment to like this dog post. Its free, and you can always change your mind later.

5. Affenpinscher

Despite this dogs long name, this dog is a small, extremely fluffy dog, that can almost camouflage into anything.

This dog likes to eat vegetables.

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Cassius Cartland
Cassius Cartland
02 apr. 2022

Really interesting that one if the dogs likes to eat vegetables. Great blog!