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The world needs you

As the world advances, we should be changing. Changing in ways that can make us be more eco friendly. Time is running out. The earth needs your help. The air is getting hotter, Which means more fires, more fires means more homeless people. Animals are dying. In 20 years, if we carry on using our unsustainable ways of living, Then there will be more plastic in the seas than fish.

What could you do to help the earth?

  1. Reuse, Reduce And recycle. Try throwing stuff away only if necessary

  2. Do you really need that new thing? Try wating for 30 days and if you decide you don’t need it, Dont buy it

  3. Go electric, hybrid, or hydrogen Cars. While a expensive decision, you are doing your bit to help the earth.

  4. Donate to a eco friendly charity. Even donating £2 to a eco friendly charity could do a lot.

Do your bi!. Now rather than never!

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