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Why we set up a business

It was boredom that started it. One lucky set of words; "I-am-bored". The whole reason Melon Dog exists today as we know it!

It was just before the annual Love & Cake charity bake sale that I had organised with my friend Willis. I was extremely bored. So what did I do? Well, I did what any 9 year old does when they are bored. I said to my dad, "I am bored".

My dad gave us a whole load of ideas, and one of them was start a business... so we did that. Willis and I with the help of our dads worked on it. It took time, about 5 months to introduce our most popular product, the winter melon dog hat (check it out with the button below).

But still now we are not even a quarter of they way there. It takes time. And that goes for every company, Take NIKE for example. It took almost 15 years to become as popular as they are now.

So thats the story of why we set up a business.

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